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Advertising on Facebook – what mistakes occur the most often?  

Running an online business should always be supported by online advertising. It’s worth using the opportunity to run an advertising campaign on social media. To this day, Facebook remains the most popular social networking site, although the popularity of others (Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc.) is steadily growing. Nonetheless, the fact of the matter is that social media for current generations is a norm and it’s used on a regular basis. People like, share and comment on posts and pages all the time, so why not expose your website out there and have it come into contact with potential customers. Many disbelieve it, but social medias are one of the most efficient forms of advertising of modern times. But in order to run a company fanpage you’ll need to be well prepared, which will minimise the risk of making a mistake that could carry grave consequences. Read below what we have to say regarding aspects that fanpages on social medias should avoid:

Advertising on Facebook – notorious mistakes

facebook adsNo evident choice of a target group or its incorrect definition

Specifying the target group is very important. Each product or service you sell has certain features, qualities, virtues and functions that make a given group of people more interested than others. E.g. gaming consoles will attract more youngsters and young adults than middle aged people or the elderly. On the other hand, building and construction services will appeal more to the latter category of people, who are at the stage of life where they may fancy building an extension or even a house from scratch. Do you see where we’re going with this? Online advertising is all about directing your ‘main’ target audience and advertising your products/services in such way that it reaches the specified target group.

And fortunately, if you have a fanpage on Facebook, your life will be made far easier, because they have a designated insight section where you can observe the recipient/user statistics (this is available in the page management panel). Therefore, figuring out your targeted group is as simple as checking that section out! The customer profiles can also be determined based on own observations. For example, if known, you could always make a list of the ages that have finalised a transaction for one of your products. This can be done by allowing the customers access to login, where they can fill out personal info. Then, all of this data can be analysed.

It is also worth to make a note of the people who send through their inquiries about the products, services and things alike. Advertising on Facebook will be effective only when it reaches people who may actually be interested in the services of the advertised business, otherwise nothing will come of it – little teenagers won’t be liking or sharing posts on a law firm’s fanpage. Sometimes the interests of potential customers can be more detailed, thanks to which the advertising campaign will turn out to be successful (and the business owner won’t waste any money on unnecessary advertisements addressed to all Facebook users).

Not filtering out people who have already benefited from the offer

Repeatedly displaying the same advertisement for people, especially those who have already purchased a given product or used the service in the past, can be very frustrating and annoying. The customer who has used the advertised offer will no longer be interested in it. So, if you’ve already advertised your new golfing clubs, for example, there’s no point in replicating that ad and sending it on to the same users. Facebook allows you to filter out such people so it’s worth to always use this option if you don’t want to distribute your ad in useless ways, and so that you don’t harass your existing customers. Remember that if you cross a customer once, there may never be a point of return. They will dislike your page and in the worst-case scenario, never make use of your services again.

Bad type of advertising

Advertising on Facebook can take many forms, and the most popular of those are ‘messages’ or ‘updates’ manifested in form of ‘posts’ that appear on the timeline of designated Facebook users. In addition, the advertising post can be placed on the sidebar or in the form of animation. Advertisements aimed at collecting leads through CTA buttons are also used even more increasingly. The choice of the type of post and the location of its placement should be dictated by the purpose of such an advertisement. Bear in mind that the form of advertising must go hand in hand with its content. None of the ad aspects may seem random or out of place.

A careless message & lack of detail

Advertising should be interesting, original, but above all readable. You need to use good grammar, enticing wording/phraseology and preferably attractive emojis! Visually stimulating elements such as images and graphics have to be used. A big chunk of bland text will not draw us in nor will it keep us engaged. The combination of visual elements and content has to be balanced perfectly. Refined advertising on Facebook will certainly be noticed. Undoubtedly, it will help if for your graphics use vivid colours, interesting fonts etc. Post titles and ad headlines must be concise and original. So to conclude, it’s worth spending a bit more time to refine the details, polish bits and bobs, and publish and advertisement on Facebook that’s flawless, delivered in the right form and addressed to a correctly defined target group. If all that’s completed, then it’ll certainly contribute to the success of your sales.

And keep in mind that you can always count on help of professional digital marketing agencies that specialise in the field of social media and related ads. Those agencies can be found all over the web in and outside the UK, so your options are huge. However, if you’re looking for a recommendation then we can safely say that Mapi Media is the most reliable, successful and trustworthy agency we’ve ever come across.

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