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AdWords responsive ads – the advantages

Setting up AdWords campaigns, along with the standard positioning of websites, is one of the most basic services provided by SEO agencies. Google AdWords advertising is a very popular advertising solution that allows your product/service to quickly reach the top of search results. The best solution for a company is, of course, the simultaneous use of AdWords advertising and conducting SEO activities. Both fields have been covered many times on this blog (see here). These days, the most common format is that of AdWords responsive ads – a format introduced by Google back in 2016.

What are AdWords responsive ads?

Google guarantees that the responsive ads offer more options than traditional forms, but their configuration is actually very simple. Basically, the format was created to allow the possibility of correctly displaying the same advertising posts across devices of various types, but above all in various places across the network. Not every site has the same amount of free space for advertising, so the solution proposed by Google was regarded as an instant success, improving the efficiency of your AdWords campaign.

How does it work?

Creating responsive AdWords ads is possible after the resources have been shared – headers, images and the landing page. Approving resources and starting a campaign is synonymous with the automatic generation of advertisements, which are then displayed to users.

AdWords responsive ads can take the form of a banner or dynamic text ad.

The benefits of using AdWords responsive ads

They’re available for small and large businesses

AdWords responsive ads are public, anyone can use them, regardless of the size of the company’s budget. Thanks to this format, business owners have a chance to reach a much wider audience, which will positively affect the number of visits on the website, thus contributing to business development.

It does not require significant work

The advertiser does not have to create several different advertising formats and waste valuable time. All you need is one AdWords responsive ad – it will be automatically adapted to the conditions of each website. There is also no need to prepare graphic materials, because the resources of the website are used.

It saves time

There’s no need to prepare and waste your time on the aforementioned graphic materials or formatting the ads into vast specifications to suit different places across the web. The advertising is faster, it also affects users’ awareness faster and brings expected results at much quicker rate.

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