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What is SeoStation?

SeoStation is a tool created especially for SEO agencies and other individual specialists in the field of hosting. It intends to monitor the work of SEO agencies – in other words, present the effects of website positioning; inform about any changes in the ranking, backlinks and traffic received etc. It’s essentially a tool which outlines all the progress of the work being done on website positioning. In addition, the tool aims to facilitate cooperation with a client. The options of billing and reports have been introduced that can be made available to customers through access to special accounts. That way your customers always gain a direct update on the progress/efforts that have been made in order to raise the positioning of their website.

What exact facilitation does SeoStation offer to SEO agencies?

SEO programThe tool automatically counts revenues from website positioning on an ongoing basis. It also allows you to set up a free sub-account for a customer who is interested in observing the effects of the SEO work being done by an agency. This means that monthly/weekly reports and updates sent to all customers can be halted, sparing you a lot of time. After logging into the sub-account, the customer sees: a list of websites that are entrusted to the agency, a summary of their position, information about the parameters of the website (e.g. linking domains, backlinks) and position charts. But also a preview of cost estimates is possible after being set up by an SEO employee. Moreover, the cost estimate can be created automatically and sent to the e-mail address of the person responsible for positioning and the customer. Bear in mind that the client is only an observer of the SEO agency’s actions, he has no powers to make changes on the websites and he won’t see the data which the SEO agencies don’t not want to share. So this is also a good aspect of the service – you have the power to decide what is seen and what isn’t – it is you who grants direct access for your customers to see what you are up to – providing them with relief and trust.

station SEOSeoStation gives the opportunity to apply ‘events’ to various charts as well. Such events should be able to implement the recommendations of the SEO audit, changing the structure of addresses or launching a campaign on forums. The events marks out where the charts and page rankings should be observed more carefully. That way it’s easy to spot if the changes have affected the customer’s website in any way. In addition to applying events, SeoStation allows you to create a ‘to do’ list of tasks. Tasks are collected in the appropriate tab, and information about them is displayed accordingly.

There are several types of clients that  SEO agencies may deal with – some are more demanding, others less. But regardless of their needs and expectations, sooner or later everyone will want to see the effects of the agency’s SEO activities. This is why with SeoStation they’ll be able to generate and download a report from a given period in form of a PDF file, without the need of you making it from scratch. You can also set up an automatic sending via settings in case the client desires regular updates. Reports can be generated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and you may activate the option for the report to be sent either directly to the customer’s address or your own in case you want to make some amendments first.

How long is the data stored for in your SeoStation account?

Data collected on the account is kept there for three years. During this time the agency may launch previous website positions and all other statistics by displaying them on charts and graphs – it gives an excellent opportunity to observe the development of a website and the agency’s progress.

SeoStation integration with Google Analytics.

Seo StationGood effects emerging from SEO activities are not only manifested through high position of the website in a search engine, but also in the increasing number of visitors. The effectiveness of the all actions performed around the site can be assessed by having the data in front of you where you can clearly see what works and what doesn’t work. In the end, each website is different and sometimes it’s a matter of trial and error to realise what generates organic traffic. If you use the data in front of you, you’ll be able to assess which decisions, changes, modifications or alterations benefitted the website and which ones were less successful. A thorough evaluation of this data is possible if all your work progress is stored on the SeoStation accounts, but not every little detail will be present. In order to enhance this tool you should use Google Analytics alongside – if you merge both of these services you’ll have direct access to literally all data you require, and correspondence between actions and results will be seen. Having this comprehensive view from all perspectives will make the process of SEO more efficient, and it will allow you to plan more carefully and be far more successful. Thus satisfying all of your customers as a result.

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