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Promotional extension – i.e. what’s new in Google AdWords?

The new functionality of the Google AdWords advertising system has been used by foreign advertisers for quite a while now. Recently, the promotional extension has also been used across various UK AdWords accounts. As with the standard AdWords, the new function intends to support the work of marketers and attract users who are potentially interested in a specific offer. It also allows the user to immediately observe the amount that is discounted for a specific product.

Where does the AdWords promotional extension appear?

promotionThe promotional extension can be displayed both on the screens of mobile/touch-pad devices and traditional computer/laptop desktops. The extension is visible at the bottom of the AdWords text and exposed in such way to attract the attention of the recipient. In the case of mobile users, promotional offers are marked with the price tag symbol, whereas in the case of computer/laptop desktops, they are signalled as ‘opportunity’. This ‘opportunity’ may indeed concern a specific occasion, e.g. an important cultural event or holidays. So, when you set up the campaign, you can set up whether the promotion is an offer for a special occasion or something else. If the customer clicks on the promotional extension, he/she will be automatically redirected to the main source.

How to use the new functionality of AdWords ads?

promotionPromotional extension can benefit the AdWords users who are already widely using the new Google tool interface, and who are dependant on that tool. More importantly, the ad extension can be set up at both the account level, the ad campaign, and the ad group. Therefore, there is an option to choose the occasion/opportunity for which the promotional offer is selected. As soon as the opportunity is chosen, the extension will be displayed within a limited time frame, i.e. to a specific date. If no opportunity is chosen, the extension for the promotion will exist without restrictions.

The next step is choosing the language and price. The promotional offer can be both a discounted price and a percentage discount. So, when you’ve finally decided on your earlier stage, just select the product and enter the URL of the page upon which the product is located, and you’ll be able to buy it at a promotional price. Some promotions require additional terms and conditions, which the advertiser will be notified about when setting up the campaign.

The extension of the promotion allows the customer to be informed about the ongoing and new promotions, attractive prices of the products advertised etc. All without the requirement to create new ads. It is also a great way to attract the attention of potential, new customers.

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