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The most popular social media platforms around the world

It’s fairly difficult to imagine functioning in the network without regular participation in social media; nowadays literally everyone is present in one way or another on social media – it’s addictive and a part of our lives. These days if your profile doesn’t exist online in one form or another then you might be called ‘ancient’ or ‘unfashionable’ by the younger generations to whom a public online profile is a norm, a standard! And social medias aren’t just used by individual users, but also by various companies, the large and the small ones.

In fact social media somewhat replaces normal human relations; after all, many prefer to communicate via written means rather than face-to-face or over-the-phone chat. It’s easier, pleasant and many feel far more confident speaking via this method. Of course, not everyone is happy to boast about their personal life, but there are those who do it all the time and frequently use portals like Instagram to do so. Others use the social portals strictly for communication or checking out what’s happing in the lives of their friends or the people they follow. Then again there are those who use the social platforms (especially ones like Twitter or Facebook) to read, discover or watch a host of news on the topics of their personal interest.

And as was mentioned above, social medias are also designed for companies who use these platforms as an advertising/promotional system with their deeds. Vast companies want to feel alive and prominent on the web, through publishing blogs, pictures, posts, entries from their lives. The aim is to update the reader on recent happenings, show off new goods/services, or boast about completed projects! The possibilities with company-focused social media uses are endless, all that is needed is a bit of creative spirit. Social media enables them to be active on the web, spread brand awareness, and establish lasting relationships with potential customers. The most popular social media platforms in UK can probably be listed by every web user, even if one does not have an account on Facebook or Instagram – these terms and references have now entered the colloquial language! Even the older generations exist online and have their own social profiles. But what about the platforms on a global scale? Which social media platforms around the world are the most popular?

Social media platforms around the world – the popularity and range:

social media appsIt’s worth noting that social media platforms around the world can be used by users from various parts of the globe – Asia, Africa, South America, you name it; it’s almost guaranteed that the name ‘Facebook’ has been heard in every country around the world. But Facebook isn’t the only platform that’s widely known and used, some countries have tried to replicate this site and create their own means of social communication. ‘Nasza klasa’ (Eng: ‘Our Class’) was (is?) a typical Polish portal where people from that country talked and interacted with each other. There was also an option to add pictures, chat, like posts and pics. But Facebook proved to be more dominant, far more frequently updated platform with more features and interactive elements that were hard to imitate, and thus ‘Nasza Klasa’ gradually died away, like Myspace of old.

Facebook is representative of various nationalities worldwide, you can even switch to your own language and have the site translated. Social media platforms around the world can therefore endure territorial boundaries. This is probably why the website is so popular, it’s optimised to be used around the world through various nationalities and therefore it maintains it’s popularity and prestige. It essentially monopolises the market! It’s been over 10 years now since this platform has been developed and even now it is still frequently used. One could assume that it’s indeed a part of our lives now, like a hub that we visit to learn new things and share our experiences – it’s a strange phenomenon of the 21st century that revolutionised the use of internet, communications and human interactions.

The most popular social media platforms around the world – a review

Lets get to some hearty rankings then. In Europe the first position is taken up confidently by Facebook (because of the reasons mentioned above) – with a number of users amounting to two trillion! The second place is placed by YouTube, which is also a video streaming platform, used by some more than TV. The third place in the ranking is taken up by Instagram, which is consistently gaining more and more interesting functionalities which attract new users, keep the old ones and maintain a regular activity streak. Twitter is right behind it – a completely different portal, but also popular in the UK. LinkedIn and Google+ are also used quite often, yet because of their very specific theme and genre, they’re not booming with popularity like the rest.

These stats vary from country to country, and on each continent, but the ranking is usually very similar. In some countries the lower-end portals like Twitter or Instagram are preceded by Reddit, Pinterest,, Tumblr and Flickr.

Social media platforms around the world and mobile users

social media platformsIt can’t be a secret that a large group of social media users are people who use the platform via mobile devices. This is because we browse our phones mostly for pleasure – the apps are well optimised and can be launched immediately, allowing us easy and comfortable access on all smart devices. In fact platforms like Instagram operate predominantly on mobile devices, and their desktop website is nowhere near as enticing or appealing. Phones allow us to quickly add a photo, add a post or a graphic – you don’t have to mess about with a laptop and do it on your lunch break using one or two fingers. What would take you 3mins to complete on a notebook takes 1min or less on a phone. It’s as easy as that – which is why social media channels on phones are so adored.

Each social media platform has a mobile version, intended to display content on smartphones and tablets. But most also offer other features and applications thanks to which the smartphone user finds it easy and efficient to communicate with others or browse the portal e.g. Youtube’s ‘watch and browse further’ option where a video can be playing in the background and simultaneously you can search through other videos. This isn’t available on desktop websites, unless you open another tab and browse away separately on that – it can be regarded as uncomfortable and far less efficient.

Another example is Facebook’s external ‘messenger’ app, modelled after Whatsapp, that can be used entirely as a messaging device, with only little Facebook relations, making communication quick and dynamic. Especially because we can receive push notifications and access it without going through Facebook first, like we used to do back in 2011. It’s all designed for us to save time, receive comfort and spare us hassle. So, in the category of ’direct communication’ of mobile social-apps, WhatsApp, Snapchat and FB Messenger occupy the leading positions (bear in mind that both Whatsapp and Messenger are owned by Facebook). The next apps in the mobile ranking are shortly occupied by QQ Chat, WeChat and Instagram.

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