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How much does it cost to position a website?

There are countless articles existing on the web regarding the positioning of websites. The Google ranking factors and ‘ways to quickly position the site’ are written by both experienced SEO specialists and those who want to share simple shortcuts (i.e. Black Hat SEO). We should strongly omit illegal practices and avoid all shortcuts. Let’s focus on the traditional positioning of the site, which can be a time-consuming, yet satisfying/gratifying process, with permanent effects. But customers interested in working with a trusted SEO agency always ask the basic question – how much does the website positioning cost?

How much does it cost to position? – the answer is not universal

SEOIt much depends on the nature of the site that is being positioned. Another thing to consider is whether the website is a generic online site or purely an online store, or both – especially one that offers thousands of products. Expanded sites with many subpages require more work and regular maintenance. The history of the positioned site is also significant. It’s important to know whether it existed in the network for a long time or whether it has just been created. Moreover, it needs to be considered whether there are any other additional activities on the site that will improve its ranking position. If so then the site might be tougher to maintain, and therefore more expensive when it comes to SEO.

But the answer to the question ‘how much does it cost to position?’ is actually quite simple – it costs as much as you can pay. If you offer a lower rate for the positioning, the SEO specialists will be able to use that price to do as much as they can themselves, probably focusing on few minor ranking factors. If the cost is higher, they will use all the possibilities and options to get your site in Google’s Top 10.

How much does it cost to position? – sample, rough cost outlines

Website positioning should be always preceded by a thorough SEO audit and website optimisation. In fact, both auditing and optimisation are a must if the operations of the positioners are to be effective in the first place. Any errors on the page must be corrected before proceeding and any discrepancies must be altered. But let’s get back to the basic question – how much does it cost to position?

Site audit

The SEO audit must be carried out to detect possible errors on the website and to find ways to improve and prevent them. An effective SEO campaign is only possible if the website is rightfully prepared for positioning, and audit guarantees that.

The cost of the audit is a one-off expenditure and can range from approx. £100-600, depending on the company and the website considered.

Website optimisation

Website optimisation consists of adapting and modifying the website’s content, its code and other elements to the requirements and guidelines of search engines. SEO specialists take multiple actions on the website to improve its visibility, prominence and reputation in the ‘eyes’ of search engines and potential customers. The optimisation is preceded by a website audit.

The cost of optimisation is most often calculated per hour i.e. the time that a programmer has spent to complete all the optimisation work – this is usually within the limits of approx. £20-400 but in extreme cases these prices can be significantly higher.

Link building

SEO auditLink building is nothing more than creating a link network, i.e. directing visitors on other websites to your main website. Usually, the customers will sign a contract with an SEO agency for a monthly work-basis, and once a month they will receive a collective report which should outline and list all activities that have been carried out during that particular month. Links can be obtained in several different ways (catalogues, whisper marketing, etc.). Recently, the most popular method has become the building of websites (usually microsite blog sites), which contain valuable texts, and within their content the links are inserted which lead to the main websites. One of main costs of maintaining the microsites is to spend money on a purchase of the abovementioned texts, blogs, articles. However, the earnings of copywriters and experienced publishers are very diverse depending on experience.

The construction of the microsite is usually a one-off expense in the rough amount of £100-400, while its regular development may cost somewhere in between £40-200

Internet analytics

Optimisation and linking to the website is not everything. The site’s position should be monitored, adapted and evolved on an ongoing basis, and the number of visitors as well as the competition should be controlled and researched. Positioning is not a one-off, one-time procedure, it’s a long process with a start but no definitive finish. That’s if you want to guarantee your website a long-term success. The site should thus be constantly maintained. Internet analytics is not just Google Analytics. SEO specialists use a variety of tools throughout their work. The most popular ones are Semstorm, Majestic or Seostation.

The monthly cost of using SEO tools is very different, often conditioned by the number of functions used, among other factors.

How much does it cost to position? – the brief overview

It is not possible to clearly determine how much positioning costs. As can be seen in the above examples; the costs are very different and range a lot depending on the services and agencies, but there are far more things to consider than what we have listed. Theoretically, even positioning of the same or very similar websites does not run the same way, as each website has its own life and story to tell can carry out on the internet. Therefore, it’s never just a copy&paste scenario, and sometimes a lot of work can go into the SEO process. In addition, each interactive agency has its own pricing. If you are interested in the positioning service, simply place an inquiry on the website of the selected SEO agency and they will be able to quote you with accordance to your specifications. If you want to quote price of positioning your website visit mapimedia website.

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