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Bumper Ads as a form of advertising

Video ads are very popular on the Internet, especially on YouTube – although they are also found in other places across the web. Most commonly the advertisement is placed at the beginning of a short movie/video recorded by an online vlogger for example, who uses the YouTube platform as means of conveying his videos. But it may also be the case that the ad appears in the middle of the video, interrupting the displayed film. Of course, the user can skip the ad after five seconds if the ad length passes that limit. In the case of Bumper Ads, this is not possible, which is understandable, given that the video in this form takes only six seconds to play.

adsWhat characterizes Bumper Ads?

The Bumper Ads format basically allows you to display a short video ad (exactly six seconds). The user must view it right to the end before the main video he/she was watching resumes. Six seconds is not much, and it’s usually not irritating or noticeable. The creators of advertising messages are very good at using this format. These short videos are made primarily for mobile users who usually reach out for their phone to quickly watch something on YouTube. So being forced to watch longer ads on a smartphone can be annoying and distressing, and Bumper Ads are a good compromise – the video is essentially a more satisfying for mobile users than advertising popping up randomly in the form of banners, that they have to click on to get rid of, accidentally pausing their video etc.

Bumper Ads are therefore a good solution and it’s safe to say that both the advertiser and the Internet user are content with this method. After all, the advertiser can present his company or product with full confidence and be conscious that the message will be delivered; that the user will watch the entire clip. Meanwhile the user will watch the substantial but short ad and won’t be forced to devote any more precious time to watch it, losing merely seconds of his/her time.

How can you use Bumper Ads?

The Bumper Ads format is most commonly applied in videos. Such ads can take the form of brief announcements or quick summaries of advertising campaigns. It’s good to keep in mind that if executed well, the short clips actually complement the company better than any other ad, as brief but compact messages will be delivered.

Bumper Ads as a preview of the upcoming advertising campaign

In other words, the short video can show the beginning ‘teaser’ of the full version of the advertisement or deliver events preceding those that will become the subject of the ad displayed next week or the week after. The main purpose of using the Bumper Ads format is to enhance customer’s interest and build up the hype for a brand, product or service.

Bumper Ads as a summary of the marketing campaign

After the marketing campaign concludes, during which the full version of the advertisement was repeatedly displayed, it’s worth reminding the recipients about the previously widely promoted product/brand/service by displaying a short six-second video that entails the main message that was delivered during the campaign.

For example, a key moment from the full version of the ad can be shown. Thanks to this whatever you’re trying to convey will be remembered and correctly associated. This isn’t a risky move, unlike longer video display, which the user will likely turn off, annoyed with premeditation, sick of seeing more of the same advert. So in this case, the advertisement in the Bumper Ads format is a good solution, that will be well received.

The use of Bumper Ads during the campaign

In this case, both versions of the ad – longer and shorter may appear side by side, even in a single advertising block (full version at the beginning, shorter at the end). This method is commonly used on TV, although some Internet platforms also use this way as brand/product/service promotion.

In addition, two narrative videos can be uploaded to the network, one of which shows a main event and the other highlights the consequences. Social advertising is an interesting example of such use (e.g. the first video shows a car accident, caused by excessive speed, and the other a lonely, orphaned child). So the two ads connect very well. Though in this case, it is difficult to clearly indicate the length of the video which should be displayed first – it all depends on the story we’re telling and the intention of the creator or the advertisement.

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